Solutions in Thermal Insulation and Impermeability

Consultancy, Design, Calculation, Development and Implementation of Solutions in Thermal Insulation and Impermeability in all types of Works and Constructions. We deliver an efficient solution complying with current environmental regulations at the lowest possible cost.

Thermal insulation:

  • We evaluate your requirements.
  • We propose the most efficient economic solution adjusted to the norm.
  • Elaboration of Thermal Memory and Architecture Project for construction permit.
  • Execution of the solution in the field and quality control of proposed solution.


  • Development of the waterproofing solution with high quality and efficiency product.
  • We tackle solutions for the rainiest cities in southern Chile such as Valdivia, Osorno and Puerto Montt.
  • We avoid the damage caused by humidity in buildings, extending their useful life.
  • We help a strong reduction in maintenance costs per share of water and the damage it causes.
  • We work with high quality standards of products manufactured in the United States and complying with current national regulations.